Convention of Berks County Firemen

Issue 21 and Volume 60.

Convention of Berks County Firemen The convention of the Berks County Firemen’s Association was held recently in the city of Lyons, Pa. President Walter S. Frees presided. A number of questions were discussed. The question of endeavoring to form fire zones throughout the county and regulate the operation of them was warmly discussed. It was fina’ly decided that a co mmittee appointed at the last convention take the matter in hand, suggest zones and the regulation of them and report to the next co mvention. The town of Topton was proposed for membership and will have a voice in the next convention. It was suggested that future conventions be held in the afternoon and the executive committee will heed the request. Increase of membership was urged and the delegates were requested to strive to get all the companies in the county to become identified with the association. After the session…

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