Issue 21 and Volume 60.

RE-BUYING WATER METERS. The city of .Fargo, N. D., has set about to repurchase the meters on all services within the city. It appears that the former policy of the city water department was to permit installation of meters by the consumers regardless of make or price. In this manner the city has meters of every design on its services, many good, some obsolete, depending upon the individuals purchasing them. The present progressive administration has recognized the wisdom of having meters, like all other municipally-operated machinery, as municipal property, and started the movement tending toward that end. As reiterated from time to time in this journal, the meter should be installed by the city and at the expense of the city. The consumer can be made to pay for it gradually by having a compensating water rate. This is the most satisfactory procedure, for the consumer docs not then feel…

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