Issue 21 and Volume 60.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS Commissioner W. A. Ransom, of Rahway, N. J., reports a pumpage of 6,976,342 gallons during the month of October. The water company of Tiffin, Ohio, will place more water mains and hydrants in the suburban sections of the city. The residents and property owners of Sandersdale, Mass., are anxious to have the town water system extended to the village. The contract for extending the city water system of Roosevelt, Utah, has been let and work has begun. Distributing reservoirs are necessary for meeting emergencies, and, if large enough, may be used to overcome the discrepancies between aver- St. Boniface, Pa., has been suffering from a water famine as a result of prolonged drouth. Water was hauled by wagons from nearby towns. Actual work has begun towards securing a new supply of water for Zanesville, Ohio. The drilling of wells has begun and the contractor expects to…

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