Issue 21 and Volume 60.

METERAGE The City Board of Control of Alliance, Ohio, composed of the Mayor, the Service Director and the Safety Director, recently awarded a contract for one thousand meters to the Gamon Meter Company. These meters are to be set as rapidly as possible. According to an estimate that has been made it will cost the city of Fargo, N. D., $11,500 to purchase back meters from water consumers. Up to the present time the city has purchased 1,818 meters from persons who had installed them. Most of these were 5/8inch meters, about 140 being of other sizes. Up to October 10th, the last date that the city treasurer made a report on warrants cashed, the city had paid $7,509 for meters of all kinds, but since that time a large number of meters have been bought by the city and there are still a few to be purchased. The Board…

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