Issue 22 and Volume 60.

THE CLEANING OF SETTLING BASINS A number of settling basins have been constructed by the writer in the last ten years in which the sludge deposits are removed at frequent intervals through small perforations built in the bottom of the basin, and iwthout interfering with the settling process, which is carried on continuously. The first plant of any size in this country in which this principle of a perforated bottom was used, was that at McKeesport, Pa., a plant designed to treat 10,000,000 gallons of water daily. The conditions at McKeesport are at times especially trying on the sludge removal apparatus, for there are periods, of short duration, when the precipitation reaches almost 10 per cent, by volume of the .water treated, and in the treatment 1,000,000 pounds of lime and 1,500,000 pounds of soda ash have been used annually. The cost of removing the precipitated material at the McKeesport…

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