Issue 22 and Volume 60.

HANDSOME NEW CENTRAL FIRE STATION AT HOLYOKE Holyoke, Mass., has a central fire station which is unusually large and complete. The building consists of four stories, together with a basement. It is faced with red rough-cut brick trimmed with gray sandstone. In the front are five apparatus doors, each giving a clear opening of 10 1/2 feet, separated by masonry piers 4 feet 6 inches wide. These doors are furnished with ornamental glass panels. Another ornamental feature consists of six wrought iron lanterns mounted on these piers and furnished with red glass. The building is surmounted by a flagpole 25 feet high, octagonal in cross section, of Southern yellow pine 8 inches thick at the bottom and 5 inches at the top, on top of which is a copper eagle covered with gold leaf. The building is 82 feet wide in front and 90 feet deep, both outside dimensions, and…

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