Cannery Destroyed at Sarnia

Issue 22 and Volume 60.

Cannery Destroyed at Sarnia The main building and warehouse of the Ontario Canners Company in Sarnia, Ont., were totally destroyed by fire recently which started from an unknown cause. The main building was a two-story structure of wooden construction and covered an area 75 by 180 feet. The warehouse was also a two-story building. The latter was on a level with a railroad track, the track running through the building for the purpose of shipping goods. Nearby is the river and a dock used by Laidlaw’s sash and door and lumber concern, whose premises adjoin the cannery property. The flames spread with great rapidity through the cannery and the Laidlaw property was seriously threatened, but Chief James Breakey directed his men so skillfully that the Laidlaw damage amounted to but $9,000. The engine room caught fire, but Chief Breakey stopped the flames without their getting to the lumber yard, with…

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