Issue 22 and Volume 60.

WATER RATES Some of the cities in Ohio are contemplating raising the water rates to meet the high price of coal, etc. Superintendent George S. Cotter of Springfield, Ohio, says his city will make no change. His city has a rate of from 10 cents per thousand downward to 6 cents a thousand. The domestic users pay 10 cents, while some of the big consumers get their supply slightly cheaper. There are but few concerns in the city receiving water at 6 cents. It is probable that an extension of the system will have to be made within the near future, and when this is done, Superintendent Cotter said, it is believed the rates will have to be raised to meet the added expense. The ordinance which was recently drawn up for Philadelphia, Pa., has been approved by the City Council’s special committee after holding a number of public hearings.…

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