Champaign Department Makes Quick Test Turnout

Issue 24 and Volume 60.

Champaign Department Makes Quick Test Turnout The Champaign, Ill., fire department, of which John Ely is chief and Roy W. Alsip, assistant chief, recently made a turnout test against time. Assistant Chief Alsip in speaking of the test, said he believes it beats the quick turnout recently made by Engine Company No. 48, of Chicago, because the Champaign test was made under actual working conditions and with two trucks and with less men. The following description of the test is given: The test was made with two motor trucks, first, a Seagrave pumper, and second, a combination, both machines being in their proper place in the engine house, and both leaving the house together, time starting when the trucks started. The pumping engine driving to a plug, a distance of seventy-one feet and eight inches from the middle of the door. The combination machine driving to the pumper and on…

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