Jenkins High Pressure Valve

Issue 24 and Volume 60.

Jenkins High Pressure Valve The illustration herewith shows an extra heavy gate valve manufactured by Jenkins Bros., New York, for heavy pressure of water, and high temperatures, and which are especially adapted to meet the requirements of modern high pressure power plants. They are designed for 250 pounds working pressure, have an ample factor of safety, and are tested to 800 pounds hydraulic pressure. They are of the double face, solid wedge type, and are made either with inside screw, stationary spindle, or outside screw, rising spindle. The bodies and bonnets are made of high grade cast iron, and the shape and distribution of the metal is such as to not only insure castings free from internal and shrinkage strains, but also to secure rigidity and resistance to the stresses incident to the service for which they are intended. The body is tapped and faced for seats at the same…

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