Fire at Steel Plant Near Muncie

Issue 24 and Volume 60.

Fire at Steel Plant Near Muncie A malleable steel casting plant outside the city limits of Muncie, Ind., was partially destroyed by fire recently. The fire was discovered at 4:45 p. m., but it was not until 5:30 o’clock that an alarm was sent in to the Muncie department. By that time the fire, which started in the rear, had travelled 700 feet to the front of the plant. Chief John E. Casey and nineteen firemen responded and had four hydrant streams on the blaze and succeeded in stopping the fire at the point it had reached on their arrival. The chief stated that if the alarm had been sent in at the time the fire started the department con’d have saved the plant. The cause of the fire was a gas explosion in a furnace in the nealing room building and the department stopped the fire at the pattern…

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