Water Rates for Railroads at Malone

Issue 26 and Volume 60.

Water Rates for Railroads at Malone The village board of trustees of Malone, N. Y., have asked the railroad companies that enter that city to submit their estimates of the village water which they consume. The New York Central has lately had a meter on the pipe supplying its engine house at the Junction, and reported that in fifty-two days the engine house had used an average of 57,740 gallons per day. The company estimated the amount used from its water tank at 102,000 gallons a day and 1,500 gallons for the passenger station, etc—in all 161,240 gallons per day. When the village board had the water measured last summer its result was about 208,000 gallons for a day with normal consumption. Probably some of the waste has been stopped. The Rutland railroad makes the estimate that the Rutland uses only from about 40,000 to 70,000 gallons a day, including…

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