Chief A. J. Stout and the Hutchinson Department

Issue 26 and Volume 60.

Chief A. J. Stout and the Hutchinson Department A quarter of a century ago, December 6, 1891, AI. J. Stout joined the Hutchinson, Kan., fire department and in less than six months he became chief of the department, being appointed by Mayor Vincent, and he has retained the position ever since. Prior to the spring of 1890 Hutchinson’s fire department was a volunteer one, with two hose companies, the Reno and the Hutchinson. The hose carts were kept in the City Hall. In the spring of 1890 Hutchinson decided the town was big enough to have a paid department, and on May 6th, 1890, the department was created. Al. Baum was the first fire chief. The first department consisted of a team and hose cart. The fire records, kept at No. 1 Station, shows that the first call for the paid fire department was on May 14th, 1890, eight days…

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