Bulletin on Gasoline Explosions in Garages

Issue 26 and Volume 60.

Bulletin on Gasoline Explosions in Garages State Fire Marshal Robert W. Hargadine, of Minnesota, has issued bulletins dealing with the frequency of gasoline explosions in smaller towns and with dangers to children from kitchen fires. Many garage fires from the smaller towns and villages of the state are being reported, he says, and persons conducting garages are evidently becoming careless and it is important that the dangerous element in gasoline should never be overlooked for an instant. He adds: Be sure the gasoline tank, even though it is outside of the garage, is perfectly tight. Relative to house fires and their danger to children, lie says in part: In many agricultural communities, where both parents and all other adult members of the family arc absent, the small children left alone in the house have played with the fire in the kitchen range, and fatalities have resulted. Do not take chances.…

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