The Milwaukee Fire Alarm System

Issue 2 and Volume 61.

The Milwaukee Fire Alarm System Oscar D. Kleinsteuber, superintendent of the fire and police alarm system of Milwaukee, Wis., has recently prepared an interesting report on the organization of his department. It says in part: “The present number of permanent employees consists of a superintendent, a secretary, a chief electrical repairer, nine electrical repairers and a barnman. An average of forty temporary employees were engaged during the construction season, laying underground conduits and constructing manholes, raising and lowering manholes to grade on account of intercepting sewer and railroad track elevation requirements and assisting in cable construction work, together with the removal of poles and aerial lines. The conduit construction work amounted to 28,627 lineal duct feet of double duet vitrified clay conduit, and 3,169 feet of single duct conduit, together with forty-one manholes. Twenty-two miles of aerial extensions and replacements were made. Sixteen miles of aerial wire and ninety-eight poles…

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