Issue 2 and Volume 61.

THE FIRE LOSS OF 1916 Estimates of the fire losses in the United States and Canada during the year 1916, based upon carefully compiled statistics, are placed at $231,442,995, which figure shows an increase of nearly fifty millions over the year 1915, when the losses were estimated to aggregate something over $182,000,000. Heavy losses in the South and in Canada figured prominently in the losses for 1916, and the explosion and fire at Black Tom Island also swelled the total, the latter being the largest single fire loss of the year, the loss being estimated at $11,000,000. The year was marked by three large conflagrations, in Southern Cities, Augusta, Ga., involving a loss estimated at $5,000,000; Paris, Texas, with a loss estimated at $7,000,000, and Nashville, Tenn., where the loss was estimated at $1,500,000. This last was in the residence section. The heavy losses in Canada included that of $3,000,000…

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