Issue 3 and Volume 61.

AMONG THE MANUFACTURERS Mason Water Reducing Valve, This valve is designed to reduce the water pressure from street water mains to a low pressure, for houses and buildings. The body or valve portion is fitted with unions so that it may be easily attached to the pipe. That part of the valve above the diaphragm, and which comes in contact with the water, is made of bronze metal, thus preventing corrosion. The long spring case is made of heavy iron pipe, at the end of which is an iron bracket drilled so that the. valve may be securely bolted either to the floor or to a beam overhead. The operation of the valve is simple. The water enters from the left and passes through valve No. 43 into the reduced pressure side of valve body No. 68, valve No. 42 being held open by the tension of spring No. 53.…

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