Filtration Urged for Altoona

Issue 3 and Volume 61.

Filtration Urged for Altoona The city of Altoona, Pa., has been advised by Chester and Fleming, sanitary experts of Pittsburg, Pa., after a survey of the water sheds, to erect a filtration plant at Kittanning Point, at an initial cost of $325,000, and filter and sterilize the entire water supply, if it is to be made pure, at an increased annual cost of operating the water department of from $16,000 to $19,000. The way, the report concludes, to guard against this danger, is for the city to employ a competent chemist who must make analyses every day of samples taken from each reservoir, from the streams and from high and low service mains and reservoirs in the city. The – report shows that Altoona’s water is purest in dry weather, when there is sufficient mine drainage to kill germs, but it is dangerous during and after rains. Three possible means…

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