Issue 4 and Volume 61.

AMONG THE MANUFACTURERS Goulds Manufacturing Company. The Goulds Manufacturing Co., of Seneca, Falls, N. Y., produces a very complete line of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps. One of the features they claim for a type of centrifugal pump is hydraulic balance. They state that no possible end-thrust can occur in the Goulds Double Suction Pump, as the impeller is hydraulically balanced. Therefore no thrust bearing, with resultant friction loss, is necessary. To limit the lateral motion of the impeller, collars are placed on the shaft, close to the removable bearing shells. 8hc impeller is accurately balanced both statically and dynamically, thus insuring a smooth running pump. The illustration herewith shows one of the Goulds Single Stage draulically balanced centrifugal pumps Hill Centrifugal Pump. The illustration herewith shows an electrically driven two stage centrifugal pump used in connection with deep well supply. This pump is manufactured by the Hill Pump Company, of…

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