The Saskatoon Fire Department

Issue 4 and Volume 61.

The Saskatoon Fire Department Chief Thomas E. Heath, of Saskatoon, Sask., has prepared an interesting report of the operations of the Saskatoon fire department during the year 1916, showing that the loss last vear only amounted to $39,315.65, as against $106,146.00 in 1915, and $269,974.00 in 1914. Chief Heath’s report also gives the following information, relative to 1916: Number of alarms received, 148; No. 1 hall responded to 122; No. 2 hall responded to 89; No. 3 hall responded to 56. Total mileage travelled, 303. There were 22 box alarms, 110 telephone alarms, 15 still alarms, 1 May-Oataway; twelve false alarms. There was one fire in a stone building, 28 fires in brick buildings, and 95 in frame buildings; there were eight rubbish-heap fires and four prairie fires; 21,400 feet of 21/2-inch hose was used, and 1,650 feet of chemical hose used; 296,410 gallons of water and 994 gallons of…

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