The Catskill Aqueduct System

Issue 4 and Volume 61.

The Catskill Aqueduct System The finishing of the Catskill aqueduct system for the New York City water supply which is expected at an early date, is to be commemorated by a public celebration, probably next June, Mayor Mitchel having appointed a citizens’ committee of nearly seven hundred to arrange for the celebration. In this connection Chairman Charles Strauss of the Board of Water Supply, which has had charge of building the system, has called attention to the fart that the estimated time will no be exhausted by nearly a year, and that the enterprise will be completed at a cost about $20,000,000 less than the estimates, although the eight-hour law was passed two years after the plans were made and the estimates had been based on a ten-hour day. Commissioner Strauss said: “It is only fair to say that this board could not have made the tremendous progress it has…

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