Issue 4 and Volume 61.

NEWARK ACQUIRING WATER-SHED Morris R. Sherrerd described the watershed area trom which Newark, N. J., secures its water supply, at the recent meeting of the New York section, American Water Works Association. He showed what Newark has been able to accomplish in gradually acquiring the rights to the land, and the result of sanitary improvements in the water-shed. The policy of Newark has always been “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and especially in regard to its water supply. It was on this basis that the water department carried on its work. It was early decided to put in sewage disposal plants at the points where the sewage entered the water supply. In one town, Newfoundland, a disposal plant and water works were installed, at the cost of the city of Newark, except a small nominal charge to Newfoundland, for the water works plant. At the…

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