Issue 4 and Volume 61.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS The Springfield Firemen’s Relief Association, of Springfield, O., recently elected the following men trustees for the association: Thomas Funderburg, William Fanning, Harry Huffman, H. M. Rankin, Charles Moffett and Lewis Locher. The trustees will hold a meeting later and elect the officers of the association. New officers of the Corvallis fire department, of Corvallis, Ore., recently elected are: John P. Bauer, president: J. Frank Scott, vice-president; J. C. Lowe, secretary; W. G. Cummings, treasurer; E. F. Malden, sergeant-at-arms. The chief and assistant chief are part paid members of the department, and their election is to be ratified by the City Council. The firemen of Lewiston, Mont., recently asked the council for an increase of $15 a month. The fire and police committee recommended the raise be granted, but the council referred the matter to the finance committee. The city clerk was instructed to write other Montana cities…

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