Issue 4 and Volume 61.

FILTRATION A number of citizens of Marshall, Minn., are agitating the purification of water. El Dorado City, Kan., is considering a $50,000 bond issue for the purpose of installing a water filtration plant. Several times during the last few months it has been necessary to pump water from the river. The city of Cleveland, Ohio, is to have additional filtration facilities by July 1, 1917. By that time 100 carloads of materials will have been removed from the new West Side tunnel, and the clear water filtration basin will have been finished. The City Council of Lynchburg, Va., recently adopted a resolution ordering plans and a bond issue for filtering the city water, strengthening the gravity pipe line, and perfecting the emergency supply from James River. The work will cost about $350,000. The action was on recommendation of a conference committee. The enlargement of the filtration plant at the city…

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