Ahrens-Fox Engine Test

Issue 4 and Volume 61.

Ahrens-Fox Engine Test The Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company recently delivered two more of their motor pumping engines to the city of Chicago, Ill., and among the conditions of the test was a high-pressure test on the Masonic Temple. The following is from the official report of the Masonic Temple test of the Ahrens-Fox engine: Height from pump to tip of nozzle, 356 feet. Two lines 21/2-in. hose, one hundred feet each, siamesed into a two-way on standpipe. One hundred foot line 21/2-inch hose on top of standpipe. Water taken from plug registering 40 pounds pressure. The Good Will Fire Company, of Wilmington, Del., recently had a severe test at a fire in that city, where for seven hours the Ahrens-Fox motor fire engine threw three streams.

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