Fire Damages Tacoma Packing Plant

Issue 4 and Volume 61.

Fire Damages Tacoma Packing Plant Fire which started in the wool and hair drying room of Carstens’ packing plant on the East side tide flats, at Tacoma, Wash., was confined by the efficient work of Assistant Chief Otto Schlegel to part of the plant. The plant covers five acres and the building in which the fire occurred is a three-story wooden structure, ten years old, and had partition walls of lumber, one board thick. The fire started from an overheated wool and hair dryer and was discovered by workmen in the early afternoon. The alarm was given by telephone. 285 persons were employed on the premises but no lives were lost and no one was injured. When Assistant Chief Schlegel arrived, the fire had already spread to the main building and was burning fiercely. The inaccessibility of the place made the firemen’s task difficult. Despite difficulties Assistant Chief Schlegel, with…

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