Issue 4 and Volume 61.

LITIGATION The construction of the $200,000 filtration plant for the city of Great Falls, Mont., was recently halted when the State supreme court granted to Joseph McClintock, of Great Falls, a temporary injunction restraining the city from going ahead with the work on the plant. In his petition for an injunction McClintock sets forth that the people of Great Falls by special election authorized the construction of a filtration plant at a cost of $150,000. He sets forth that the city of Great Falls intends to spend and is spending $200,000 in the construction of the plant. He alleges the city has no authority to incur this $50,000 indebtedness in excess of the amount authorized by the people of Great Falls. The city of Great Falls contends that it has a right to spend this additional $50,000 because of the fact that this money is a surplus earned by the…

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