Issue 6 and Volume 61.

AMONG THE MANUFACTURERS Deep Well Geared Power Heads. The illustration herewith shows one of the types of the pumps manufactured by the John H. McGowan Company, of Cincinnati, Ohio, intended for service in connection with single or double-acting working barrels for tubular wells of for service in connection with independent cylinders in open wells where the maximum water horsepower does not exceed that scheduled in the descriptive list furnished by the McGowan company for either a singlegeared or a double-geared power head. It is adapted for use with either the plunger rod or the displacement plunger, the former being invariably used in connection with doubleacting working barrels and frequently in connection with single-acting working barrels for surface discharge. The latter is used only in connection with single-acting working barrels. The size of the displacement plunger is governed by the size of the working barrel used. The McGowan company manufactures a…

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