Relining a Leaking Reservoir

Issue 6 and Volume 61.

Relining a Leaking Reservoir A very interesting piece of engineering was the relining of a leaking reservoir at Omaha, Neb. Two of the basins of the Walnut Hill reservoir for the Metropolitan Water District of Omaha were built a few years ago by throwing up earth embankments and lining the bottom and inside slopes with a six-inch thickness of plain concrete. A short time ago this concrete lining began to crack badly, and, although the leakage was not causing great harm, the engineers feared for the embankment and the nearby houses. It was decided to relieve both basins with an additional layer of reinforced concrete on the old lining. The reinforcement was placed on the old face. The concrete was made and discharged by a special mixer and trough outfit consisting of an elevated mixer and provided with a chute extending down the inner slope. The mixer was steam driven…

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