Issue 6 and Volume 61.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS The city of Milbank, S. D., contemplates the construction of a water works system. The city council of Lynchburg, Va., recently voted a bond issue for filtering the city water. A petition has been filed with the city council of Kadoka, S. D., asking that steps be taken to provide Kadoka with a municipal water works. It is probable a special election will be held in the near future to vote the necessary bonds. Improvements amounting to $60,000 will be made in the Vancouver water system, Vancouver, Wash , by the North Coast Power Company. Work is to start February 1, and be completed within ten months. At least 1,500 meters will b? installed and new mains laid. The voters of the town of London, Ohio, will vote on $20,000 worth of bonds on February 6, 1917, for the purpose of establishing water works in the…

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