Issue 6 and Volume 61.

METERAGE The city council of Franklin, Pa., is to install meters. During the year ending September 1, 1916, twenty-nine new meters were set in Southington, Conn., according to the water department’s annual report. There are 3,307 meters in use in Meadville, Pa., with 100 per cent, of services metered. Seventy-eight meters were added during 1916, according to the mayor’s annual message to the city council. A saving of many thousands of gallons of water yearly has been possible since the meters have been installed in Salem, Ohio, according to Service Director Russell, of that city. “Seven years ago,” said Mr. Russell, all water consumers, with the exception of probably 50, paid for their water on a flat rate basis.” At the present time, according to the service director, there are approximately 1,100 meters installed and under the supervision of the service department. Under the present system very little water is…

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