Issue 6 and Volume 61.

WATER RATES For the first time in the history of the water department of Madison, Wis., water rents are, reports state, being collected for the actual amount of water used in the past six months. Formerly the rents were paid in advance and were based on the amount of water consumed during the previous six months. The total amount of water rent due for the past six months aggregates $40,067.08. It is classified as follows: Commercial purposes, $34,369.63; industrial, $2,814.10; municipal, $2,883.35. Because water department officials of Harrisburg, Pa., found the minimum water rate charged to the larger manufacturers far below the actual cost of pumping the water, City Commissioner William H. Lynch introduced an ordinance at a commissioners’ meeting which generally re-enacts the provisions of the old water rate ordinance, the change being in the manufacturers’ rates. Hereafter, where the daily consumption is 200,000 or more gallons, the charge…

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