Coffee Warehouse Burns at Richmond

Issue 6 and Volume 61.

Coffee Warehouse Burns at Richmond A recent fire at Richmond, Va., partially destroyed a four-story brick building of the Imperial Coffee Company and caused the death of one fireman and injured two. The building was constructed of brick, wood joist, tin roof and occupied a space 40 by 90 feet. The fire started on the second floor near the center from an unknown cause and was discovered by a police officer just before midnight. The alarm was given through a street fire box. Chief W. H. Joynes found the blaze was coming out of the windows on the second floor and that the building was very old and the walls weak. He immediately placed nine engine streams on the fire. Chief Joynps very efficiently handled the fire and succeeded in confining the fire to the building. The following apparatus was used in the fire: Four American-La France engines, l Amoskcag…

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