Drills for Battle Creek Firemen

Issue 6 and Volume 61.

Drills for Battle Creek Firemen Firemen of Battle Creek. Mich., are enthusiastic over a system of drills and exercises introduced by Fire Commissioner John B. Macgregor and Chief W. P. Weeks. The new plan requires a few minutes’ work each evening in practicing the handling of hose and ladders and attaching couplings. “Since the men have had practice in making couplings and attaching hose to hydrants, many of them can do as much work in thirty seconds now as they formerly did in three minuutes,” Commissioner Macgregor said to-day. “Familiarity with the work is what gets more speed out of the men when it comes to the emergency case of fire.” A hydrant has been installed in No. 1 engine house and members of this department are now receiving regular drills. It is expected that the same system will be adopted for the men in the outside fire houses of…

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