Small Fire Loss in Daytona

Issue 6 and Volume 61.

Small Fire Loss in Daytona Chief W. E. French of the fire department of Daytona, Fla., in his report for the last year, 1910, shows that the insurance loss that year only amounted to $1,177. The value of the property at risk was $68,200. The total number of calls received was twenty-eight, of which five were pulmotor calls. Water was actually used seven times and 5,750 feet of hose were laid. Chemicals were used four times, sixty gallons being used. The number of miles run was forty. The causes of alarms were: Sparks from engines, six; chimneys, five; burning trash, four; gasoline stove, two; lantern, two; lamp, one; hot fat, one; cigarette, one; matches, one, and the five pulmotor calls. Chief French in his report thanks the water department for its co-operation. As building inspector, Chief French presented the following: Total number of permits issued, 103; total estimated value of…

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