Issue 6 and Volume 61.

WATER WORKS PRACTICE A progressive Western city follows the practice of sending men to every fire, whether night or day At second alarm fires every one is called who can be of any assistance. The superintendent is found at the main pumping station, where there are duplicate telephones which may be used to control pumping in the other pumping stations. The assistant superintendent is always on duty at the fire, and other men with automobiles and tools are prepared to answer any calls instantly. Each man has his place. Each man knows where the others may be found. This same city during the past two years has had installed all hydrants with standard 4J4-inch steamer nozzles, as well as the usual 2 1/2-inch hose nozzle. The city has no steamers nor motor pumping engines, but should the time come when it is necessary or desirable for the fire departments to…

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