The Meadville Water Works

Issue 6 and Volume 61.

The Meadville Water Works The Meadville, Pa., water department, according to the annual message of Mayor John E. Reynolds to the city council, in addition to making necessary repairs to the plant to maintain it in proper condition during 1916, has anticipated all the labor and material involved in the new extensions that have been made necessary by the paving contemplated under a late bond issue. This work has practically been completed at a cost that is well within the estimate. Nine fire hydrants were added, making 215 in service. New taps added were 68, making 3,200 in use. Seventy-eight meters were installed, making the total 3,307, with 100 per cent, of services metered. The gross revenues from sales of water in 1916 was $42,000, the largest in the existence of the plant. The net earnings of $20,754.28 also reached highest mark, making the total earnings for the past seventeen…

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