Factory at Caruthersville Burns

Issue 6 and Volume 61.

Factory at Caruthersville Burns An egg case factory at Caruthersville, Mo., was recently wrecked by a fire which was fed by the very dry, inflammable material, ends and sides of egg cases packed in bundles, with which the building was filled. The damage amounted to $40,000 on building and contents valued at $45,000. The factory, a onestory iron building with wooden framing and floors, was recently erected and occupied an area 70 by 150 feet. The structure was located about 200 feet back from the street. The fire started from an unknown cause in the southwest part of the building, and it was discovered in the early part of the evening by a watchman, who gave the alarm to the telephone exchange, which in turn notified the fire barn. The premises were equipped with some fire hose. When Chief Charles W. Shields arrived he saw the inflammable contents had given…

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