Clow “Cutting-in” Valve

Issue 8 and Volume 61.

Clow “Cutting-in” Valve The James B. Clow & Sons Company, of Chicago. Ill., manufacture a valve with connections especially designed for “cutting in” on a pipe line. If cast iron pipe is in use and the valve is to be placed near a joint, both the bell and spigot ends of the pipes at the point of insertion are removed. the combined length of the piece taken out being equivalent to the length of the connecting piece. Sleeves are then slipped on each pipe end back sufficiently far to permit the valve being easily inserted, the sleeves are then driven back to cover the connections and calked. The valve thereupon is in service. When the valve is to be placed in the center of a section of pipe the operation is exactly the same, the section removed being of the same length as the valve connecting piece.

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