Issue 8 and Volume 61.

CORRESPONDENCE Quarterly Meter Readings. To the Editor:—Your publication of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING issue of January 26, 1917, contained an article regarding the recommendations of Mr. J. H. Clowes, revenue expert of the New York bureau of municipal research, in which my contention against quarterly meter readings and collections are defended. In the meantime there was placed in my hands copy of the following letter supporting Mr. Clowes’ conclusions: Mr. J. H. Clowes, 261 B’way, New York City. My dear Clowes: Mr. House called my attention to an article in the January issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING relative to the Columbus matter, and particularly referring to the recommendations which you made at Columbus with regard to dispensing with the services of unnecessary help in connection with meter reading and inspection. In that article I note that Mr. O’Shaughnessy, superintendent, * * * takes issue with your recommendation on a…

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