Great Falls Filtration Plant

Issue 9 and Volume 61.

Great Falls Filtration Plant The Supreme Court, according to reports from Helena, Mont., has dismissed an injunction suit brought by a resident of Great Falls, Mont., to enjoin the city of Great Falls from proceeding with the construction of an $187,000 filtration plant, and holds that Section 6, Article XIII, of the constitution means by “a supply of water” not only a supply sufficient in quantity but suitable in quality to meet the demands of a city and its inhabitants. The resident contended the city had exceeded the 3 per cent, limit of indebtedness, and, further, that it could not use the surplus earnings of the water plant in construction of the filtration plant, but that those surplus earnings must be applied to paying off the bonded indebtedness incurred on the installation of the original plant. The city of Three Forks, Mont., has recently finished a new water works system…

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