Issue 10 and Volume 61.

OPERATION OF THE ITHACA FILTRATION PLANT In a report made by Henry N. Ogden, C. E., Professor of Sanitary Engineering, College of Civil Engineering, Cornell University, to the Board of Public Works of Ithaca, N. Y., on the operation of the filtration plant at Ithaca, N. Y., during the year ending December 1, 1916, he renews a suggestion made a year before that the outside walls above the filters be waterproofed to protect the walls and to prevent the infiltration of water from the outside whenever it rains. The average daily amount of water filtered throughout the year was 2,299,420 gallons, as compared with 2,282,000 gallons in 1915. The average amount of water used by the MorganSmith wheel at the Van Natta pumping station as measured by the Venturi meter at the filter plant was 3,135,097 gallons, or nearly a million gallons (835,677 gallons) more than that used by the…

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