Chlorine Fumes Overcome New York Firemen

Issue 12 and Volume 61.

Chlorine Fumes Overcome New York Firemen At a recent fire in a chemical laboratory in New York City the entire roster of the first company to enter the building was rendered unconscious by the escaping chlorine gas. The fire occurred in the third floor of a manufacturing building, occupied by A. V. Morgenstern, a dealer in synthetic drugs. The fire was discovered in the early evening by a passing citizen who gave the alarm. Battalion Chief Owen McKieran arrived and company 23 entered the building to where the fire started unware of the dangerous gas inside of the laboratory. When company 40 arrived a few minutes later and entered the building they found the men of company 23 on the floor unconscious. Despite their caution in taking the unconscious firemen from the laboratory many of engine 40 were keeled over. Battalion Chief McKieran saw the condition of the fire and…

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