Box Plant Damaged at San Francisco

Issue 12 and Volume 61.

Box Plant Damaged at San Francisco The Pacific Box Factory in the North Beach district of San Francisco, Cal., was recently the scene of a fire which had spread throughout the building before it was discovered, at 8.26 p. m., by a citizen who sent in an alarm by a street box to the fire department, commanded by Chief T. R. Murphy. The building was a two-story structure of frame and corrugated iron construction, without partition walls and containing much lumber, which afforded fuel for the fire and carried the flames throughout the building. The department found the building a mass of flames and doomed, but Chief Murphy directed a skilful fight to confine the flames to the building, w-hich was practically a total loss, and prevent the lumber yard stock from catching fire and in this he was successful there being practically no loss in the yard. Twenty-five-inch double…

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