Issue 12 and Volume 61.

WATER WORKS PRACTICE The Danvers, Mass., water department, of which Henry Newhall is superintendent, intends to place meters on all sprinkler systems to further check the illegal use of water. * * * The Brookville borough water department of Punxsutawney, Pa., uses an electric thawing device for thawing service pipes. One week they thawed 18 service lines. * * * The city of Austin, Tex., enforces an ordinance imposing a penalty of $50 for opening a pavement for a new water, gas or sewer connection that has to he laid after the pavement is completed. Of course this does not apply to necessary repairs. * * * In Indianapolis, Ind., there are 5,000 meters out of 38,000 connections in an area of 90 sq. miles. It requires five readers, eight days to make readings. If the reading is high, the reader takes times to go over the fixtures. The postal-card…

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