The Ilion Water Supply

Issue 12 and Volume 61.

The Ilion Water Supply The board of water commissioners of Ilion. N. Y., has issued the report for the year from March 1, 1916, to March 1, 1917: Gross earnings from water rents, $40,341.67; less discounts allowed to consumers, $7,947.47; gross income received, $32.394.20: less maintenance charges, office expenses, compensation insurance, taxes and police account. $6,560.43; net income, $23,833.77; from which there has been paid for extension of water mains in new streets and in annexed territory, two and one-quarter miles of pipe with hydrants and valves, $14,462.43; for new service connections,. $1,085.18; for new meters, $466.22. Besides which the department paid all interest on bonded indebtedness and $3,000 of matured bonds. In addition to the foregoing there has been furnished to the village water for all schools, public buildings, fire protection, street sprinkling and sewers, which if charged for at rates prevailing in some other cities and villages would…

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