Issue 12 and Volume 61.

FILTRATION The Virginia State Board of Health recently made an analysis of the water supply of Bristol, Va., and reported as follows: “The sample of water; received from public supply shows: Bacteria c.c. less than 10; B. coli not present in test samples of lc.c. nor 10 c.c. These findings classify this sample as good.” All analysis of the drinking water of Du Bois, Pa., shows that it is up to the standard of requirements adopted by the Federal Health Service Bureau. The following is the analysis: Total bacteria in 1 c.c. at 37 degrees C., 60; total bacteria in 1 c.c. at 20 degrees C., 500; baccilus coli in 1 c.c., none; baccilus coli in 10 c.c., none. The city government of Wichita, Kan., has recently installed a small experimental water softening plant in the basement of the city hall. It has been in operation long enough to give…

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