Woodworking Plant at Peoria Destroyed

Issue 15 and Volume 61.

Woodworking Plant at Peoria Destroyed A milhvrighting building located in the centre of the manufacturing section of Peoria, Ill., was recently destroyed by fire. The structure was a three-story concrete building, occupying a space 80 by 150 feet and with concrete partition walls. The blaze started from an unknown cause, in the planing chute center, and it was discovered by a laborer shortly after noon. Chief Thomas N. Worm found the fire burning furiously all over the building and a high wind blowing. He placed thirteen streams, four of which were engine, on the fire. Eight hydrants, with a water pressure of 85 pounds, were available. Nine hundred feet of cotton rubber-lined hose were in use and two lengths burst during the fire. The following apparatus was in service: One Ahrens steamer, one Robinson motor pumping engine, three trucks and eight hose wagons. The Robinson pumping engine did efficient work.…

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