Issue 15 and Volume 61.

TWO-PLATOON SYSTEM IN CHICAGO. At this time, when the two-platoon system is under discussion in many cities, the results as reported from Chicago, Ill., are of great interest. Chief Thomas O’Connor tersely remarked that the system is all right if there are no fires, and the Chicago Board of Underwriters will, reports state, endeavor to have the enforcement of the ordinance suspended or have it repealed. Chief O’Connor states that he wants enough men to handle the apparatus efficiently and that the minimum estimate of men needed with the two-platoon system is 419 additional men; that the downtown companies are in fair shape, while those on the outskirts are not. The districts, he points out, have built up around the stations, and it is a credit to the firemen that they handle the situation as well as they do. The two-platoon system in Chicago was given its first test recently,…

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