Issue 15 and Volume 61.

METERAGE Canton, Ohio, and Richmond, Va., have both awarded the Gamon Meter Company, of Newark, N. J., large contracts for “Watch Dog” water meters. That all mercantile establishments, business houses and industries where water is consumed for other than domestic purposes in Buffalo, N. Y., be metered is one of the measures suggested by Commissioner Kreinheder to make the Water Bureau self sustaining. A project for meterage in Erie, Pa., was recently discussed by Water Commissioners E. D. Carter and B. B. Nagle with the city council. Finance Director C. L. Baker, it is stated, advanced the meter idea, the plan proposed being, for the installation of meters gradually until 22,000 consumers in Erie are supplied, possibly by 1920. It was estimated that the meter system would save 5,000,000 gallons of water daily and postpone the necessity for another intake pipe. In an address before the Broadway Merchants’ Club, in…

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